Actor Jack Nicholson Didn't Know His Sister Was Actually His Biological Mother Until He Was 37

Everyone knows the name Jack Nicholson as one of the greatest actors in film history. The 82-year-old Oscar winner has riveted us with his dramatic performances and frightened us in some of the greatest h*orror films ever made. Some shocking details of his personal life, however, are not known to many people.

Not even Jack himself was aware of a startling fact about his immediate family until he was 37 years old. Well into his adulthood, he was given the shocking information that his sister was actually his biological mother.

Nicholson, age 82, was raised by Ethel and John Nicholson and born on April 22, 1937. For some reason, Jack had always been deceived into believing that June Nicholson was his sister when, in fact, she was his biological mother. He was also told that his aunt, Lorraine Nicholson, was also his sister. This turned out to be false as well. Lorraine was June's biological sister, making her Jack's aunt.

The woman who Jack believed was his mother, Ethel, was actually his grandmother. As Nicholson revealed to the Rolling Stone magazine in 1986, he never actually met his biological father. His grandmother's husband was an alcoholic who was seldom around, but Jack would turn to his aunt's husband 'Shorty' as a father figure. Jack told the magazine that he felt grateful to have someone like him around and that a boy doesn't need much more than he had from a father.

Since all of his immediate family d*ied before he found out who his real mother was, it's an odd circumstance that led up to his finding out the truth. A journalist looked into Jack's family history and discovered some unusual circumstances. Jack called 'Shorty' to find out the truth about his biological parents.

'Shorty' put his aunt Lorraine on the phone. She had been in tears about the deception that had been perpetuated for so many years. His aunt confirmed what Jack suspected. June was indeed his mother and not his sister. The reason that the secret had been kept was to allow June to have more time to pursue her career in dance while Jack's grandmother would take on the role of his mother.

Jack did not react with anger or resentment. The news was very dramatic, but he did not feel traumatized by it. He believes that, at age 37, he had the strength and maturity to handle the news well enough.

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