Confused Puppy Doesn't Understand Owner A*bandoned Her, Waits 10 Years For Him To Return

What would you do for your neighbors in a time of need? What if that neighbor was a sweet little dog that had been a*bandoned by their former owners? This was the question residents of an apartment building in South Korea found themselves asking.

For the last ten years, a dog named Bokshil has been traveling every day to her old apartment building, waiting for her owners to return. She spends her mornings sitting by the guardhouse, studying every person that comes and goes through the building and sometimes even chasing after residents that she believes may be her owner.

Bokshil’s owners may have a*bandoned her, but her neighbors have not.

First, they tried to find her a new home, but Bokshil was persistent and determined to continue waiting outside of the building.

Instead, they’ve made her a dog house that she retreats to at night for sh*elter, before returning back to her post in the morning.

For the better part of a decade, Bokshil’s neighbors have made sure she’s eating and getting enough water. They’ve even kept up with her visits to the veterinarian, which has resulted in her diagnosis of senile cataract, a condition that prevents her from long distance recognition.

Despite her show of unwavering loyalty, no one’s been able to claim Bokshil and no one has been able to find the original owners that she waits so desperately for each day.

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