Couple Celebrates Their 61st Wedding Anniversary As Well As Being Grandparents To 100 Grandchildren

There are big families and then there are really big families!

The Zanger family definitely falls into the biggest category of families. When Ruth and Leo Zanger married over 60 years ago, they probably could have never guessed that their family would balloon to a size this enormous.

The couple had 12 children together, keeping them busy with small children always underfoot. Eventually, these children began having their own little ones. Leo was not even 80 years old when he already had 100 grandkids. We all wonder how they can even keep them all straight?

The latest bundle of joy is named Jaxton Leo Zanger. How sweet that he even carries his grandfather's name. At the time of his birth, even his parents did not know that their new son would carry the distinction of being the 100th grandchild.

Donna Zanger Lane is charged with keeping track of all of the family's additions and she was the one who broke the news to both parents, Austin and Ashleigh.

The grand totals for the Leo and Ruth now come in at 12 children, 53 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grand-baby. That is a lot of people to have running around during family gatherings!

You just have to see the pictures of this happy family. The smiles on their faces definitely tell the story of the joys of a big family. After you check these photos out for yourself, be sure to spread the amazingness of this story with everyone else that you know.

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