Dad Was Devastated When Daughter With Disabilities Didn't Fit In At Theme Park So He Built His Own

A father's love knows no bounds.

Gordon Hartman proved this when he built his daughter her very own amusement park. The loving father will never forget the fateful day that he watched his daughter, Morgan, have trouble making friends and fitting in with her peers at a local public swimming pool, as reported by the BBC.

Morgan was 12 years old at the time. The sweet girl is on the autism spectrum, making it more challenging for her to make connections with other people.

Gordon wanted his daughter to be able to connect with other people her age. Sadly, the other children at the pool did not understand how to interact with Morgan. So instead of joining in on the fun at the pool, Morgan simply sat and watched.

The doting father used his sadness to fuel him in his new goal to find a public place where Morgan could socialize with others without feeling uncomfortable or isolated. Once he realized that there was no such place, the determined man set out to create one himself.

Gordon was so set on this goal that he sold his business and invested all of his time into making a $34 million theme park. It took three years for Morgan's Wonderland to come to fruition. Today, it is an amazing place where kids of any ability can gather and know that they are welcomed and loved.

This amazing theme park will touch you and make you smile. After you have watched this video, be sure to spread the story to as many people as you know. Gordon should be honored for his commitment to help his daughter to fit in. There is no telling how many people will benefit from a trip to Morgan's Wonderland.

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