Deployed Soldier Sends Stinky Shirt Home From Overseas And His Dog Has An Adorable Freakout

Dogs have an unconditional love that accepts their humans completely. One dog named Brindle proves that he loves his human Dad with his entire heart – even when he doesn’t smell the best!

According to The Dodo, Brindle is a rescue dog who found himself trapped in a shelter when he was just a small puppy.

Thankfully, JD and Rachel Aument arrived on the scene just in time to take Brindle home with them, giving him the love that he had been missing.

While Rachel was already close to their other dog, Xavier, Brindle immediately formed a close bond with JD. Sadly, the happy family was split up far too soon when JD was deployed overseas. Brindle didn’t handle the separation well. While he loves Rachel, JD was definitely the one he connected to the strongest.

Rachel reports that Brindle would sit by the window, looking out and wondering where JD was, crying and whimpering when he didn’t come home.

Even after JD had been deployed for nine months, Brindle still wasn’t able to adjust to the separation. This is when Rachel finally talked to her husband and explained how much their poor dog missed him. Rather than simply feeling bad about his dog’s depression, JD came up with a scheme to remedy Brindle's sadness.

JD wore an old tee-shirt until it began to stink and then shipped it back home.

When Rachel opened the package, she tossed the shirt to Brindle and he instantly went crazy.

The poor dog obviously recognized his human dad’s smell as he took the shirt and began to rub himself against it furiously, his tail wagging at top speed. It looked like Brindle simply wanted to cover his entire body in his dad’s scent.

Rachel said to The Dodo, "He immediately knew that it was JD's shirt. There was no doubt about it," Aument said. "I was crying so hard while recording his reaction."

Brindle’s fascination with the shirt didn’t end that day. He started taking it with him everywhere and, finally, Rachel started to dress him in it.

In May 2019, Brindle’s long wait was finally over. His dad finally came home from his deployment and the dog got to be reunited with his favorite human. Rachel says that Brindle doesn’t want to leave JD’s side; however, it appears that they finally got him out of the smelly shirt!

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