Flight Attendant, 79, Sues Delta Air Lines, Claiming She Was Fired Because Of Her Age

Ida Gomez Llanos is claiming that Delta Airlines fired her because of her age. As reported by The Times, the 79-year-old former flight attendant is now s*uing the airline for age d*iscrimination. Llanos had worked for Delta for more than 57 years.

She alleges that she had an exemplary attendance record while also earning constant praise from her colleagues.

Llanos was terminated eight months ago after somebody said that she took a carton of milk from an airplane. Llanos said that her fellow flight attendants had lied about her.

She claims that she worked a lot of hours, even as much as every day of the month. All of this work earned her a salary of approximately $250,000 per year. Because of her seniority, Llanos had the best choices of routes and overtime pay opportunities.

She believes that this seniority and all of its corresponding benefits are why her colleagues wanted to launch a smear campaign against her to get her fired from her job.

In her laws*uit, Llanos claims "unlawful d*iscrimination, harassment, and retaliation that she experienced as a result of her age and s*ex," The Times reports. Delta responded that Llanos was one of more than 2,600 flight attendants boasting more than 40 years of service and that the airline would not terminate employees for this reason.

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