Georgia 13-Year-Old Made Fun Of Kids Who Shop At Goodwill Until His Mother Made Him Shop There Too

Cierra Forney from Braselton, Georgia overheard her son making some unwarranted comments on more than one occasion about kids who had to shop at Walmart and Goodwill. It seemed as though he had an entitled attitude towards the situation, acting like he was too good to shop at discount stores or thrift shops.

So she decided to make her son shop at those stores to fix his attitude.

Cierra was not impressed with this behavior, and she knew that she had to rectify the situation before he ended up bullying these students even more than he may already have. She then came up with a plan that would allow her 13-year-old son to walk in the other kid's shoes for a bit in order to get a taste of what it was like.

The mother took her son to their local Goodwill store and began to record the trip on her camera. She took a video of her son shopping through the store and picking out clothes that he would eventually wear to school. The mom wrote on social media after she posted the video.

“So lately, my 13 year old son had been acting a little… entitled. Acting like he’s too good to shop at Wal-Mart or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at the Goodwill and quite a few other things. I don’t tolerate that.”

The video ended up going viral after people witnessed the humbling scenario, knowing that the mom was doing her part in putting a stop to the b*ullying epidemic.

If more moms took the initiative to create more humbling experiences for their children, then perhaps fewer students would report being v*ictims of future harassment. Children who grow up in poverty are often taunted more due to their inability to afford the newest clothes and accessories.

Teaching kids to remain compassionate towards those in less fortunate situations is an essential part of raising productive citizens. Let your friends in on this viral story to see how they feel about this mom taking a stand against b*ullying.

Do you think this was the right p*unishment for Cierra Forney's son? Will he learn from his mistakes? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article on – We need to put an end to b*ullying!

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