Girl with Improvised ‘Nike’ Shoes Wins Three Gold Medals in Race Events: 400m, 800m, and 1500m

She does not have regular shoes on, but one impressive young athlete in Iloilo went on to win three gold medals in race events – and you’ll be amazed that she won in 400m, 800m, and 1500m! Those distances are no joke to run, yet this young girl did it with ease.

“HOW FAR CAN YOU GO?” Rhea Bullos of Balasan, Iloilo used her makeshift “Nike” shoes to win three gold medals in the three race events 400m, 800m, and 1500m run in the Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meet being held in Iloilo, central Philippines.

While many other runners were using rubber shoes or even special running shoes for the event, this young girl simply used brown surgical tape wrapped around her feet. The surgical tape was wrapped tightly on her feet, creating a protective layer as she ran on the track. Her toes were individually wrapped in the tape to ensure that she could still wriggle them and retain her balance, even as she ran nearly barefoot on the ground.

Despite not having the right footwear, this kid did not take pity on herself or the situation she is in. Instead, she even thought about making light of the situation by drawing the Nike logo on her makeshift ‘shoes’. The check mark that’s so recognizable as the brand’s logo could still be clearly seen on her ‘Nike’ shoes. There’s also a “NIKE” word written at the sides of her shoes.

Of course, the brand isn’t likely to file a copyright infringement case against Rhea for copying their brand – and netizens were actually hoping the brand would actually give her a new pair of real Nike shoes! Who is waiting for that to happen, huh? We definitely are!

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