Golden Retriever Parents Watching Over Their Newborn Puppies

Although parenting may seem like a human quality, all species hold some sort of bond with their children. When members of the animal kingdom give birth, the same rules of parenting apply. Raising children isn’t something that is exclusive to humans.

Species of animals like elephants, giraffes, cats, and dogs all have to take care of their offspring. Each unique species or breed knows exactly when it’s time to push their children out of the nest, but until then, they won’t let their offspring out of their sight even for a second!

Each species is equipped with their own set of unique parenting instincts, and it’s adorable to watch offspring grow up to be raised by their parents. One species that takes especially good care of their children are dogs. And if there’s anything cuter than a dog, it’s their puppies!

In the adorable video below, a set of Golden Retriever parents are raising their children together. The two look so proud to be parents that they actually seem relaxed yet overjoyed at the prospect of adding new members of their family at the same time! The precious parents can be seen relaxing next to their offspring, and they actually look somewhat relieved! Perhaps they’re relishing in the fact that the hard work of birth and pregnancy are out of the way!

Now that their puppies are born, the hard work continues as they raise their litter to grow up to be happy, healthy and independent puppies who will one day take care of themselves. Who knows, maybe the puppies are even learning a thing or two about being parents from their mom and dad in order to potentially have their own litters one day!

The parents can even be seen cuddling up to each other, resting their heads on one another to fall asleep. Clearly, these two are doing everything in their power that it takes to be good parents! When the dogs aren’t resting from the immense pressure it takes to raise a family, they are seen gazing over their children proudly with love in their eyes.

You can just feel the bond between these two parents and their children! The litter of puppies is happy and safe, resting together and cuddling up to their siblings for warmth and comfort. Everyone loves puppies, and this video is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone that has a soft spot for these four-legged friends.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever seen such adorable doggie parents before? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this video along to your animal loving friends!

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