Homeless No More! Charity Introduces Sleeping Pods to Provide Shelter for the Poor

Once in a blue moon, someone comes up with an amazing invention that can change the world. These intelligent individuals work day and night to create products that would make our lives easier and more efficient.

The newest device has everyone discussing the possibility that this technology has to change the lives of less fortunate people. But what exactly is this amazing invention?

They’re sleeping pods, which help accommodate citizens that find themselves without somewhere to rest their heads safely at night. The Welsh city of Newport is now implementing this new technology to help cure the homelessness crisis in the area. The pods are a great alternative to sleeping on the streets and have many positive benefits that can impact the homeless community.

Wales' homeless crisis is now at its 'crisis point' according to the BBC. It's a saddening but truthful reality that many people don't have a place to sleep. So when a charity organization called Amazing Grace Spaces decided to unveil two new pod designs last October, Newport welcomed the new additions, reported The South Wales Argus.

These give homeless people a safe place to sleep as opposed to in a park, under a bridge, or even under a doorway. When a user gets a pod of their own, they don’t have time limits to adhere to when staying there. The charity that makes the pods hopes to see more homeless people off the streets and into the safe pods.

The pods cost between 5,000 (US$6,548) and 6,000 (US$7,858) pounds each to produce. That's why Amazing Grace Spaces asks for sponsorship funds and support for their charity in order to keep the pods readily available to the public. These makeshift homes can hold two people, and provide access to a bed to sleep in, a light, a toilet, and even chargers for belongings like phones.

Newport locals have been reacting positively to the implementation of the pods. People know that being homeless is hard enough as it is, so giving those who would ordinarily sleep on the streets a safer option is something that many people are in support of. Although some people have their reservations and doubts about the pods, everyone is trying to be hopeful that they make a difference in the community and the lives of those who may be in need of a safe resting area.

How many times have you walked past a homeless person sleeping in public? It's unfortunate that some people find themselves without homes, but it is a harsh reality of the world we live in today. It is also not uncommon for homeless people to take drastic actions to find somewhere to sleep. Many displaced individuals find themselves committing crimes intentionally with the purpose of going to a j*ail cell to have a warm bed for the night.

The Amazing Grace Spaces charity and those involved in the placement of these pods hope that this device will keep homeless people feeling safe and secure.

No one deserves to sleep on the street, and this charity is doing their best to make sure that no one has to. What do you think about these pods? Would you want to see them implemented in your city?

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