Man Calls Into An Empty Field And Only Seconds Later Everyone Gasps At "Herd" Running Toward Him

There is nothing uncommon about seeing individuals bonding with dogs and cats. Likewise, we have all seen cases of people who befriend birds and primates. But one man in Thailand, Darrick is his name, has forged a friendship with a herd of elephants that reside at Elephant Nature Park.

Darrick is rather close with all of the elephants that live at the park but his bestie is an elephant named Kham La.

Kham La and the other elephants at the park do something rather amazing whenever they hear Darrick approaching. A video of their reaction was uploaded to the internet recently and has received viral attention. And after you watch for yourself, you will understand the video's popularity.

Darrick has volunteered at the park for years and watched many of the elephants there grow from birth. He has been an integral part of the lives of these elephants. The relationship he has developed with the elephants involves cuddling and playtime.

Kham La and the other elephants at the park are always excited to a frenzy when they see Darrick.

When Darrick makes his call to Kham La, the entire herd of elephants comes running in his direction. Kham La always leads the pack and the elephants greet Darrick each time as if he is one of their own.

It is obvious that Darrick has shown the patience to build the trust of the animals and now it shows in their acceptance of him. Elephant World Website explains the reception Darrick regularly receives from the animals is rare but has been seen before.

The website explains elephants are highly intelligent and emotionally evolved creatures that have come to the aid of humans on many occasions. They have also been known to protect other animals in the wild including members of their own species.

Elephants have even been recorded moving heavy items so that rescuers can reach v*ictims of natural d*isasters.

It appears Darrick loves his trips to Elephant Nature Park just as much as the elephants love having him there. It is a place where he can watch the animals with whom he has bonded in their natural environment. He also benefits from the love the animals show him.

Were you amazed by the reception Darrick received from the elephants? Send this article and video to everyone you consider a friend. They will thoroughly enjoy the friendship forged between the man and the elephants.

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