Man Stood For 6-Hour Flight To Let Wife Sleep

People will do a lot to show their love for a spouse or partner, and one man recently went the extra mile to reveal his devotion for his wife. During a recent flight, a husband chose to let his sleepy wife get the rest that she needed by standing up and letting her stretch out across both seats for a long nap.

Long meaning six-hours! That’s a long time to stand while someone sleeps in your seat!

A fellow passenger was impressed by the gesture and snapped a picture that was shared online along with the caption “this guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love”. While the Twitter post quickly went viral with over 16,000 hearts and 3,000 retweets, not everybody was impressed with the gesture – at least not favorably impressed.

In fact, many commenters were quick to become critics, pointing out that they saw the wife as selfish. Some people stated that they would rather be lonely than experience a love like that. Others were quick to toss out ways that the couple could have been comfortable without either making such a huge sacrifice.

One commenter suggested that the wife could have simply slept with her head in her husband’s lap, giving them both the chance to enjoy the flight. Another person didn’t think that it was an act of love, instead joking that the husband probably spent the entire trip planning to get a divorce!

While there were plenty of critics, a lot of people saw the act as a loving gesture and were quick to add how touched they were by the act. Some commenters simply stated “goals”, indicating that they wanted a similar relationship, while another stated that it was “ultimate love”.

One person suggested that the flight could be a trip to or from some sort of treatment that the wife was undergoing, and stated that they would be happy to stand so that their wife could be comfortable if that was the case.

Obviously, people are divided about their opinion of this viral photo. What do you think? Should the husband have had to stand for six hours while his wife slept, or was it selfishness on her part to make him miserable so that she could nap? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and then invite your friends to read the story and chime in as well.
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