Mother Furious After Southwest Airlines Employee Publicly Makes Fun Of Her 5-Year-Old Daughter's Name

Having a non-traditional name can be tough, especially for young children who are particularly susceptible to b*ullying.

One little girl experienced this first hand when getting ready to board a flight in Southern California.

The five-year-old from Texas was with her mother at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County when she was mocked by a Southwest Airlines employee for her unusual name.

Abcde Redford's mother Traci told the local news station ABC 7 what happened at the boarding area. When the agent saw the little girl's name, she began laughing and pointing at Abcde and her mother while giggling with her employees about it. Traci said that her daughter's name is pronounced "Ab-city" but clearly the employee thought it was funny because it is the first five letters of the alphabet.

Not only did the gate agent laugh with her co-workers about the name, but she even went so far as to take a picture of the boarding pass and post it on her social media account. The boarding pass also showed the entire last name, giving Abcde no anonymity in the situation.

Traci was understandably furious about this exchange. She took it upon herself to scold the gate agent for laughing at her daughter, explaining that the little girl could also hear what was going on.

While it is not certain if the insensitive agent is still with Southwest Airlines, the company did apologize for the name sh*aming.

After you have watched the story, be sure to spread the message to others that you know. The story is a good reminder to always be sensitive to others and to think twice before making fun of anyone.

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