Mother Says 'Father Christmas' Instead Of Using Gender-Neutral Term And Gets Criticised For It

A mom is taking to the internet to explain how she feels that she has been “shamed” for her decision to call Santa Clause “Father Santa” in a world that is becoming increasingly more gender-neutral toward this famous holiday character.

According to PlymouthLive, a woman that wants to stay anonymous says that she went on a Facebook group and was calling him “Father Christmas” before she was scorned for not calling him simply “Santa Clause” during a discussion about a children’s book.

She explains that she was only talking about a specific book that is called “Father Christmas” and was written by Raymond Briggs when she was overwhelmed with angry group members who tried to convince her that Santa should be called by a more gender-neutral term.

This mom now says that she is feeling a bit uncertain and on edge about what is allowed and can be safely said.

Since the debate started, hundreds of parents logged on and began voicing their own stand on the issue.

After trying to navigate her way through what became a very heated debate, the mother says that she wonders if she should no longer allow her child to call Santa “Father Christmas” considering that it may hurt some other people.

According to a recent survey by GraphicSprings, only 15 percent reported that they thought a more gender-neutral name should be used. In the United States, the number is a little higher with 19 percent claiming that it is time that we quit viewing Santa distinctly as a man.

In a world that is increasingly working to lower gender definitions, it can be hard for parents to navigate being politically correct and not hurting anyone’s feelings.

What do you think is the answer? Should Santa be given a name that is more gender-fluid? Let us hear about your thoughts in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to keep the discussion going!

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