Mother's First Microblading Session Leaves Her With Botched Eyebrows

Jami Ledbetter was born without eyebrows and her daughters thought that they were doing her a favor by giving her a Groupon for a microblading session. However, the good intention turned horribly wrong when the Kansas City, Missouri woman tried to redeem her Groupon.

Microblading is a process in which a technician tattoos individual eyebrow hairs using a needle or tiny blade. The process is intended to result in permanent eyebrows that do not need to be maintained. It is understandable why Ledbetter thought this would be the solution to her beauty woes.

Sadly, the results were not what Ledbetter was expecting. She was shocked when she saw the botched eyebrow job and now wants to warn others about the dangers of this unregulated industry.

Ledbetter was so embarrassed that she did not want to leave the house. The guy she had been dating even broke up with her. Attempts to cover the eyebrows with cosmetics did not work. She went to another technician to try to fix the first job but that only made the problem worse.

Ledbetter then turned to Kara Gutierrez, a licensed and insured tattoo artist. Gutierrez was able to reverse some of the damage using a technique called Li-ft. This process works by lifting the pigment out of the brows to fix the damage. It will take multiple sessions of Li-ft to completely fix the problem, costing Ledbetter about $1,000.

For more about this story and the dangers of microblading, be sure to watch this chilling video. It will definitely make you think twice about unregulated beauty procedures.

After you have watched this video about Ledbetter's experience, be sure to spread the message to others that you know. Don't forget to let us know how you would have reacted in a similar situation.

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