Nevada Couple Divorce So Their Mistress, Whom They Both Share, Won't Feel Left Out

Cristina and Benno exchanged their wedding vows believing that nobody would ever tear them apart. And they certainly never believed that another woman would end their marriage yet make their relationship stronger because of it.

More than ten years after getting married, Cristina and Benno are now getting divorced and they are both happy about it. However, the reason for their divorce has some people scratching their heads.

It was a big step for Cristina to admit to herself and to Benno that something did not feel right in their monogamous marriage. Benno was open to the idea of finding a third partner to bring into their relationship.

They both knew that they had found this perfect partner when they met Sierra at a local mall. The three people felt an instant connection that was impossible to deny.

As the relationship progressed, Cristina and Benno realized that their conventional marriage excluded Sierra. And so the pair decided that they should divorce so that Sierra was not always on the outside looking in. The plan now is for either Cristina or Benno to marry Sierra so that she has legal rights to their three children.

Sierra says that she never feels neglected and only feels love with her new family. The throuple shares the same bed and also takes part in the responsibility of raising the children.

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