No One Shows Up For Boy's 9th Birthday Party, Days Later Hundreds Of Cards And Presents Arrive

A 9-Year-Old boy named Gerald Hamilton from Indiana was very excited about his upcoming birthday. He sent 30 invitations to his school peers, hoping that he would have a lively party. Unfortunately, no one showed up for his event.

Gerald Hamilton's grandmother Amelia was very upset that no one showed up for his 9th birthday party. Gerald suffers from some developmental deficiencies due to some skull surgeries that he had over his life. Because Gerald is not intellectually as sharp as his classmates, they and their families are not very accepting of him.

After waiting a while for people to show up, Gerald's mother wanted to start serving the cake. Gerald still wanted to wait for people to show up before serving the cake. He didn't want to celebrate his birthday alone. He believed that maybe just one person would show up.

Instead of peers from school, some more family members showed up to throw Gerald a party. Amelia went on Facebook a couple of days later to voice her feelings about the disappointing birthday. On the Facebook post, she described some of the reasons that parents of the other children gave for skipping the party.

Some of the parents refused to let their kids interact with Gerald because he was too different. As a result, he had no friends at his party, no presents and no birthday cards. She appealed to the public social media users to send as many cards as possible. She asked that the cards be addressed to her so that she could give them to him personally.

In an interview with CBS Chicago, Amelia was teary-eyed as she recalled how much her grandson wanted his classmates to show up for his birthday.

The Facebook post that Amelia uploaded was shared over 2,500 times, and the response was incredible.

Gifts were mailed in from all over the world, even as far away as Vietnam. Gerald seemed happy that he had so many cards and presents to give meaning to his 9th birthday.

What do you think about the attitude of Gerald's classmates and their families? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and pass this article along to your friends and family so that they can participate in the discussion.

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