Nurse Left With £44 A Month To Live Off Foregoes Meals So Son Doesn't Go Hungry

Kimberley Davison is a 30-year-old Nurse in Hebburn, England who states that her salary is not enough to feed her family. She reveals that, after all her bills are paid, she only has £44 a month for living expenses. Kimberley is working as many hours as there are available at her place of employment, but it is not providing a sufficient income to support her family.

Kimberley told the press that the stress of trying to make ends meet for her family is starting to harm her mental health. She feels like the struggle to pay monthly bills feels like a fight for survival. Despite all her efforts to pick up hours at work, she can't get enough income.

The nurse does not work during the week, and she is limited to only working hours that are available on weekends. Since Kimberley has a zero hour contract with her employer, the weekend hours are not reliable either. She has explained that she can't find work during the weekdays because there is no one to take care of her child, and hospitals won't allow her to work short shifts.

Kimberley revealed in an interview that her parents both d*ied from c*ancer while she was a student, so she is the only family member left who can tend to her son. There are some government childcare services available, but Kimberley explained that she still wouldn't be able to pick up shifts at the hospital because the childcare facility schedule wouldn't allow her to work the full duration of the shifts.

Kimberley's income with her weekend nursing shifts averages around £950 per month. She has rent, council tax, gas, electric, nursing union dues and several other bills that consume all this income. Her total grocery budget for her family is only £60 per week. On some occasions, Kimberley has had to visit a food bank when she went without sufficient food over a weekend.

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