Old Dog Starts To Cry When She Sees Her Owner Return From The Army

It is often said that a person will rarely find a friend who will be as loyal and trustworthy as a dog. People tend to be so fickle. They can turn on you over the slightest mistakes, or just simply forget about you when you move away.

The same isn't the case for our faithful canine companions. Instead, dogs tend to display an amazing amount of loyalty. They are always there for their beloved human family members.

Buddy, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, is no exception to the rule. As reported by ABC News, she grew up from the time she was a small puppy as the treasured pet of Hannah Foraker. The two were basically inseparable for as long as Buddy could remember. Then, Hannah grew up. She decided to enlist in the United States army. When Hannah took off for basic training in Oklahoma, she had to leave her precious Buddy behind.

It was a very emotional time for the two of them. Buddy, as well as Hannah's horse named Derby, simply couldn't understand why their favorite person in the whole world had to go away. Hannah, though heartbroken, knew that there was no way to avoid this season of separation from her furry friends.

Hannah was able to get a chance to see Buddy and Derby again at Christmastime after three months away at basic training. The reunion was a happy one indeed! When the sweet, arthritic, mostly deaf Buddy saw Hannah approaching, she immediately went over to give her a big welcome home greeting. As the two embraced, Buddy laid her head down in Hannah's lap and actually started crying!

Did you know that a dog could actually shed tears of sheer joy? Hannah was overcome with love and thankfulness at getting to be reunited with her loving Golden Retriever.

What are your thoughts about this heartwarming reunion between a young woman and her dog? Have you ever had a special bond with one of your pets the way Hannah does with Buddy? We'd love to read your reaction to this touching story in the comments section below. Feel free to pass this story along to remind all of your friends and family members about the powerful bond between a woman and her dog.

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