Our Hearts Are Melting Watching This Baby's Reaction To Her Mom Singing A Disney Song

This amazing video from a mom-and-baby duo proves it’s never too early to start loving Disney films. Kristina Gauld didn’t know how cute her baby would get once she started singing. Luckily, she captured the reaction to share with the world.

Tiny tot Iyla is too cute for words. This adorable bundle of joy giggles and smiles the entire time Kristina is singing. It’s so touching to watch the bond between this mom and her baby. Iyla loves her mom so much! Ilya never gets bored of listening to mom sing.

Instead, she watches for every word, smiling with her entire face. Her eyes never leave Kristina’s face for the entire song. How did the videographer keep from saying “aww” while watching?

This momma can really sing!

It doesn’t hurt that Kristina is a good singer. Even though she doesn’t have music, she still carries the tune and hits the right notes. Plus, she has a perfect princess voice with a light, clear sound. No wonder baby Iyla is so mesmerized!

Kristina is lucky to have a copy of this moment captured forever. She can cherish it long after Ilya grows up. Hopefully these early bonding moments will lead to a lifelong love of music for this family.

Can you believe how adorable this baby is or what a good singer Kristina is? What song should she sing next? Show this to a friend who has baby fever and would find this adorable!

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