San Fransisco Church Becomes Sleeping Space To 225 Homeless People Each Night

For families and individuals who are homeless, finding a warm place to sleep at night can be difficult without the help and support of family members and those who care.

One church wants to change that by letting about 225 homeless people sleep in the building each night.

One of the cities where there are more homeless people than in most other cities across the country is San Francisco. Those who live in the city need to make a little over $100,000 a year to live a comfortable life. When you think about what it takes to make that amount each year, it can make your stomach turn.

Since it can be difficult to make this amount of money each year, many families have found that they are unable to stay in their homes. It's as though the only people who can live in San Francisco and similar cities are those who are wealthy and have jobs that can support this lifestyle.

C*rime has increased in the city because people are trying to do everything possible to make money so that they have a place to stay.

People who are homeless are often seen walking around on the streets. They sleep on sidewalks and park benches.

Fortunately, the Gubbio Project has decided to step in to help those who have nowhere to live. The two churches that are providing shelter have enough room for about 225 people each night.

Those who need somewhere to sleep don't have to sign a paper. If they need other types of assistance, there are people ready and willing to help point them in the right direction. Watch to see how these churches combine with the goodness of people from other organizations to provide at least a temporary solution for those who need a helping hand.

This story is truly inspirational - and a reminder of how important it is that we never lose our humanity. Let us know your thoughts on this Church's act of kindness in the comments, and share this story with your friends and family to remind them how important it is to help those in need whenever possible.

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