Security Camera Footage Shows Passerby Give Her Scarf To A Shivering Stray Dog In Turkey

Although many countries have made a great effort to reduce the number of stray dogs, there are still some poor souls who are confined to the streets. Fortunately, there are kind people who cannot pass these dogs by without offering a helping hand.

One such woman's act of kindness was caught on video. After seeing a homeless dog suffering, she decided to take some action. Even though nobody was watching, this passerby decided to become a hero.

A security camera happened to catch the entire i*ncident on video. The footage has been shared across every social media platform and has many people crying tears of joy.

In the security footage, the woman can be seen leaving a local cafe in Zonguldak, Turkey. It was a rainy and cold day.

After the woman prepares for the inclement weather, she spots something on the ground near the entrance of the cafe. A homeless dog was trying to stay warm and dry by getting as close to the cafe as possible.

Instead of walking around the dog and returning home, the woman decided to offer the poor animal some help. The woman's next gesture has continued to captivate the attention and hearts of viewers around the world.

Although the woman's actions only took a few seconds to perform, the dog's life was instantly changed for the better. The stranger was willing to sacrifice some comfort in order to make the dog warmer and dryer.

Luckily, this kind gesture didn't go unnoticed. After the security footage was discovered, the clip was posted on the internet in an attempt to praise the woman for her actions.

The footage was shared throughout the country via local news stations, social media accounts, and even in print media. One viewer ended up recognizing the woman in the video as Duygu Elma, her friend. The woman was eventually found and agreed to give an interview to the Dodo.

In the interview, Duygu revealed that she was surprised by the internet's reaction to the video. She said that she couldn't have imagined this sort of reception and praise.

When she was leaving the cafe, Duygu was only thinking about how the dog was feeling. She couldn't stand the thought of the poor dog shivering all day. She decided to take some action to improve the dog's situation, and her kind actions have taken the world by storm.

Have you done or seen a similar good deed? Do you have any stray stories to tell? We'd love to hear them! Share this story with your animal loving friends to put a smile on their face and brighten their day.

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