Single Dad Wants To Give His 2-Year-Old Up For Adoption So He Doesn't 'Resent' Him

It's difficult when you are a single parent. Things are even harder when you had your kids at a very young age. One 23-year-old dad was completely unprepared for the challenges that fatherhood would bring, but he wanted to do the right thing.

Now, he regrets the fact that he doesn't have a social life and that he can't take on extra responsibilities at work because of his son. He's frustrated with never having enough time to go out on a date.

He came to the conclusion that the answer to his troubles would be to give his son up for adoption, and he wanted to know what people would think.

In a post on reddit, the dad wrote that he was the one who begged his college girlfriend to have the baby when she told him that she was pregnant. The dad said that he would take full responsibility for the baby.

In the post, the dad said that in 2016, his girlfriend got pregnant, but she wanted to have an a*bortion. As a Christian, the dad did not want this to occur. He was going to graduate that year, and he had a well-paying job to go to after his graduation, so he believed that he would be able to support his child.

They decided that she would have the baby and that he would take responsibility for it on his own because she didn't want to be a mother at her young age. After the baby was born that fall, the mother went back to her home state, and the baby went home with him. They were both 21 at the time.

Two years later, the dad started to feel extremely tired and isolated from the world. When he is not at work, he is with his son, and he doesn't have time for anything or anyone else. When he has free time, he spends it with his son doing kids' activities.

He said, "I just feel so tired and secluded from the world. My only friend is my son, between work and him I have no free time."

When his mother visits him, he has a chance to spend some time by himself, but he didn't think it was enough. This dad is still working in the same job he had right after graduation because he has not been able to pursue a promotion because of his parental responsibilities.

Now, people who started work after him rank higher than he does, and he has only had a slight raise in the past two years. To top it all off, he thinks no one wants to date a 23-year-old man with a kid.

The only way that he could convince his girlfriend to have the baby was to agree that he would take full responsibility for the boy. He couldn't allow an a*bortion to go forward if he could help it. Two years after their deal was made, the dad is beginning to regret that he made it. He wished that he could live like a normal 23-year-old man.

This dad has begun to think that his son might be better off with a mother and a father in a stable home. The dad wrote in a social media post that his life is unfulfilling and that he feels alone.

He noticed that he is beginning to resent his son, and he doesn't want that to happen. He wants more than anything to be a dad who loves his son, but the last two years have shown him that he can't be the dad he wants to be.

This dad asked for his readers' opinions. He wants to ensure that his son would have a stable home to grow up in rather than a foster home. The thing that made him hesitate is the fact that he and his son have a bond, and giving him away would hurt him. It would also hurt his mother who has a bond with her grandson.

The dad asked everyone reading his post to give him their opinions on his plight. He believed that he could really be doing a good thing because his son wouldn't be growing up with someone who feels lonely and unfulfilled all of the time.

Not one person agreed with him.

The dad came back with the following response:

"I think I was just in too dark of a place to see how bad this post is and even if I got a lot of non-constructive comments that hurt, I got a lot of comments that really hit it on the nail with how bad it would be to follow through with this as well as giving me really sound advice.

He agreed to sign up for therapy, join support groups for single parents, and find a babysitter. He also plans to contact his son's mother even though he doesn't believe that she will agree to be a family. This dad ended his last post by expressing his love for his son. He wrote that he truly believed that giving him up for adoption would be a positive solution to his dilemma. He thinks that he must have been suffering from "postpartum depression" when he wrote his original post because he was at his lowest point.

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