Supermum Sue Radford Welcomes The Birth Of Her 21st Baby After Her 12-Minute Labor

According to The Sun, Sue Radford recently gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Bonnie. The child is her 21st baby. The labor only lasted 12 minutes. Radford at age 43 is celebrating the coming of this new child into her already gigantic-sized family.

The mother explains that the birth occurred so quickly that there wasn't enough time for her to receive the typical medical protocols that she is used to.

The other kids embraced the new, tiny member of the family with enthusiasm. Baby Bonnie was eight pounds and four ounces at birth. The children share rooms in a 10-bedroom house that was converted from a care home facility.

The children contested with each other to hold the baby. The mother was happy to see how much love the other children expressed toward their new sibling.

Her husband Noel is 47 years old and works as a baker. He admits that he had no plans to bring over 20 children into the world and states that they originally believed they would have three kids.

Sue believes that this 21st baby will be the last one, and they decided not to have any more.

As you may have guessed, this is not the first time the couple has vowed not to have another pregnancy.

One such case was with their previous child Archie who is now 14 months old.

Oddly, when Noel decided to have a vasectomy shortly after the birth of their ninth child, he later had the procedure reversed.

When the mother reflects on the 811 weeks of pregnancy that she has lived through, she states that this has to come to an end. She claims that all the maternity clothing will be thrown away in a gesture of finality.

She expresses a desire to remain free of pregnancy from here on. When the staff at the hospital asked if they should expect to see her again, she emphatically stated that they would not.

Mrs. Radford says that she will enjoy the large group of children that she already has.

The couple supports the huge family with their bakery business.

Their first child Christopher was born when Sue was 14, and he is now 30 years old.

Baby Bonnie is the aunt of Christopher's daughter Masie who is 16 months old.

If you were amazed by this prolific family, let people know about it on social media. What do you think of Mr. Radford's decision to reverse his vasectomy? Let us know in the comment section.

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