Teacher tells first-graders that Santa Claus isn’t real

A mean-spirited substitute teacher told a group of first-graders that Santa wasn't real. This shocking announcement naturally made many of the children cry in disbelief. The Grinch of a teacher delivered this awful news to a horrified audience of students in Brooklyn, New York at Public School 321.

To make matters even worse, the teacher told the children only three weeks before Christmas when the holiday spirit is at its height and excitement is in the air.

Adding insult to injury, the salty teacher also threw in the Tooth Fairy to the list of wonderful characters that don't exist. Parents were outraged as their five-year-old and six-year-old kids came home crying about the news. The principal of the school placated the parents by reassuring them that the teacher was only a substitute who wouldn't be returning any time soon, as reported here in The New York Post.

Family members complaining to the school claimed that these unthinkable statements about the Tooth Fairy and St. Nick just before Christmas were made when the teacher gave a lesson on 'convincing'. Allison Meyerham, one of the many outraged parents, said that Santa is alive and real in all of the children and parents who believe in him. Allison and a host of other parents had to speak with their children to explain why the substitute teacher wasn't a believer.


Allison added that the incident was particularly 'damaging' as the parents were put in a position that made their children suspect that they weren't being told the truth. As trust is a critical component of any relationship, many parents felt like the teacher's rash statements undermined their relationship with their kids. Liz Phillips, the principal of the school, played damage control over the following few days to help make sure this never happens again.

The principal even went as far as to write a personal letter to parents ensuring them that the substitute teacher would never be allowed into the classroom again. Phillips revealed that she would meet with the substitute teacher in the future for further investigation. She reassured the parents that the issue was being take seriously.


It's crazy to think that somebody would tell an entire group of kids that Santa isn't real. Can you believe this happened? Find out what your friends and family think.

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