The First Mother In Britain To Have 10 Boys In A Row Gives Birth To A Girl At Last

It’s no secret that many moms want a little girl. With pink, fluffy dresses and tons of pink, little girls bring joy wherever they go. For one British mother, the news that she would have a girl came as a bigger surprise than it usually does. Alexis Brett was overjoyed to find out that she was pregnant with a baby girl.

This mum had previously had 10 boys in a row. She was the very first mum in Britain that gave birth to 10 boys in a row, giving her a big of buzz in the media when the 10th was born. Alexis had given up on ever having a daughter as a part of her family. She thought she would spend her entire life living in a house full of 11 men. Her sons range from ages 2 to 17, all being born quite close together and currently, all living in the same house with their parents.

Alexis Brett was 39 years of age when she finally had a darling baby girl. She was absolutely over the moon when the doctors told her that she was carrying a girl. She said that although she was shocked, she was also absolutely delighted. They decided to name their baby girl Cameron.

All of Cameron’s brothers are absolutely thrilled to have a baby sister. They help their mum feed their sister and they take turns feeding her. Growing up with all brothers, it is very exciting for them to finally have a girl in the house. Cameron truly has a wonderful team of brothers in her corner and will grow up with 10 brothers that will take great care of her and protect her for her entire life.

Alexis and her husband often receive comments about how many children they have. When she got pregnant with her 11th child she received the most amount of comments. However, she and husband aren't bothered by what other people think. They enjoy having such a large family and are happy that Cameron is their newest addition. However, Cameron will be their last child.

What do you think about this incredible story? Could you manage 11 children? That’s one huge family! Pass this story along to anyone who also wants to have a big family!

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