Tourist Catches Amazing Moment Elephant Gives Birth And Herd Comes Charging Over On Camera

Elephants are majestic creatures. They’re also amazing moms – and aunts, uncles and cousins. You won’t believe what vacationers got to see on an African safari. The group of tourists were close enough to the mama elephant to watch her give birth.

It was a magical moment as they saw the new baby enter the world. They never expected things to get even more magical.

After the birth, the mama’s herd joined in. They rushed around her, trumpeting and greeting the new baby.

Then they made it clear they wanted the humans to leave while they bonded with the new bundle of joy. The lucky tourists snapped plenty of pictures. They won’t need to look at them to remember this magical moment forever, but now can you benefit from their quick photo skills.

All About Elephants

Elephants gestate their babies for almost two years. The giant tots are born with the ability to walk and eat straight from the womb. Still, they need plenty of protection from predators. That’s part of why elephants are so social.

They typically travel in large herds of grandmothers, mothers and babies. Adult males head out on their own or sometimes form bachelor herds.

South Africa is home to dozens of state-run game preserves. You can see the African Big 5 here: Elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, leopards and buffalo. And if you are lucky, you might witness something like this!

Amazing right? Let us know what you think of this incredible video and pass this miracle of life on to your friends and loved ones!

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