Video: Father forces son to destroy his PlayStation 4 after bad grades

Parents exist to teach us valuable lessons about life. They’re there to reward us when we’re doing well and punish us when we’re doing poorly. You probably remember getting grounded or p*unished by your parents often as you were learning how to grow up and be more mature.

If you’re like most young boys, your video games are your prized possessions.

So what would happen if your parent decided to take them away as punishment? You’d probably be very upset, but you know that you’d get them back once your punishment was over. However, one parent took things up a notch with his unique punishment. What about if your parent made you destroy your gaming console yourself?

Tre Cosby, a loving father to his son, decided to take a unique approach to punishment when he came up with an idea that we’re sure no one’s ever heard of before. His son was doing poorly in school, which was disappointing to the father because he knew his son was capable of doing better.

So what did Tre do? Eliminate the one thing that was standing in the middle of his son and his grades: his PlayStation 4! Not only did Tre decide to get rid of his son’s Playstation, but he also recorded it and posted it for everyone on the internet to enjoy! If you’re a PlayStation fan or a gamer in general, this video might hurt your feelings!

The video begins with a short introduction stating that technology is getting in the way of children’s lives. The father implies that if you give a kid too many electronics, he will be too distracted to behave properly.

However, the video takes a turn when the father decides to announce to his son that not only will his beloved Playstation be getting destroyed: but he’s going to be the one to do it himself!

"I’m not gonna tear it up, you gonna tear your own s**t up," the father says in the video.

The two head outside, where the father hands his son a crowbar and orders him to bash his console until it breaks. Not only does the PlayStation get demolished by the crowbar, but the father proceeds to run over the console with his car!

The son is in tears watching the scene unfold, but we’re sure that he’ll never misbehave again!

You can watch the unique punishment in the video below.

What do you think about this situation? Was it too harsh? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Pass this story along to your friends and family and find out what they think about it.

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