Woman Breaks Up WIth Man Dumped Just Before He Won More Than $770,000 On $10 Bet

Through trying times, we often wonder why things aren’t working out for us. Oftentimes, we’re being prepared for something greater. This is definitely the case for a Melbourne race winner.

While on a date with a woman he knew from high school, Kenny decided to bet some money on the 2019 Melbourne Cup, which is a well-known annual horse race.

The horse Vow and Declare ended up winning the race, earning Kenny almost $800,000. What a profit from a ten-dollar ticket, right?

While at the Flemington Racecourse, coincidentally, Kenny’s date decided to tell him she wanted to end their relationship, mentioning, “Listen, Kenny, I can’t really feel it. This is not gonna go anywhere. I’ve got to get the 5 o’clock train," according to SEN.

Accepting her declaration, Kenny continued enjoying the race, not realizing he just won six figures.

“I opened up my account and started screaming... I’ve just seen all these numbers and I’m speechless.”

Once Kenny began to celebrate, his date started chastising him, saying “Sit down, what are you doing, you’re embarrassing me.”

Once she read his account balance and realized why he was so excited, Kenny’s date also began to scream. Unfortunately for her, her ability to enjoy his winnings, like her time to catch her train, was running out.

“I sent her packing. ‘Listen, you better get your train. I’m not joking either.”

Kenny shared his wealth with the remaining patrons and enjoyed himself for the rest of his visit. He plans on keeping his job and using his race winnings to invest in a Gold Coast property.

His date, as many should take from this story, learned that how you treat people can come back to haunt you. Treating someone poorly because of what they possess can leave you in lack. You never know when someone’s blessing is around the corner. Luckily for her, she had plenty of time to think about it on her way to the train.

What do you think about this story? Did Kenny’s date get what she deserved or should she at least earn a small piece of the pie? What would you do if YOU won six figures? Share your comments, like this page, and share this article to continue the conversation.

Be sure to include some funny horse names that describe Kenny’s date.

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