Woman Giving Away $1.7 Million House Because She Cannot Sell It

With the way the real estate market is, many of us can only dream that someone would offer us a free home.

Well, today is the day that dream comes true. Alla Wagner out of Alberta, Canada is giving away her home.

Though this sounds too good to be true, it isn't.

Wagner has a 3,800-square-foot home that is worth $1.7 million dollars.

Though she loves her home, her health conditions are forcing her out. After suffering a serious injury last June, Wagner now struggles to navigate the stairs in her home.

After putting the property up for sale, Wagner was discouraged that there was such little interest in her home. She was told that the price she had initially chosen was "too high", so she lowered the price only to find that there were still no interested buyers.

While this news would be discouraging to some people, Wagner saw it as an opportunity to do something incredible.

She took to social media with her new idea and was excited to share her plan with the world. She was going to give her home away in a competition trough social media!

Wagner's Write a Letter, Win a House contest encourages applicants to write a creative letter explaining why they would benefit from owning Wagner's home. With an application fee of $25, Wagner is confident that she will be able to earn back the investment she made into her home.

Once $1.7m is raised, Wagner will select a winner. If she can't raise that much money, all participants will be refunded the $25.

Anyone can enter this contest by writing a 350 word letter by post or email. Once the entry fee and letter are submitted, you will have to wait to see what happens. With the April 5th deadline, Wagner is waiting to see what will happen. She may extend the deadline up to six months until she reaches 68,000 participants.

For Wagner, there is no perfect story. She hopes that anyone that wants to enter does. Though any applicant can use any reason as to why they want a home, Wagner says that she isn't necessarily looking for a "sob story".

She hopes to find someone that truly enjoys the place. She wants to give the home away to someone that is a good fit in the neighborhood and actually values the home.

As she reads the entry letters, she hopes to find one that will compel her heart.

Wagner encourages all interested individuals to enter, regardless of their writing ability. She says the letter can be a poem, a song, or even just a few paragraphs explaining why they need the house.

As you watch the video of the house, you'll see that the home is truly incredible. Be sure to enter if you think you and your family would benefit from the home.

What an incredible idea! Tell us what you think of this story in a comment below and pass it along to your friends and family to see if they want to enter!

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