Woman Insults Nurse For Wearing Scrubs - Nurse Takes To Social Media To Respond

Caitlin Brassington is a nurse. One day, she needed to go grocery shopping, but she didn't think there was any reason that she needed to change out of her scrubs before she went. When she got to the store, she ran into an acquaintance.

The acquaintance didn't expect to see Caitlin in scrubs, but Caitlin told her that she was a nurse. The other lady replied, "Oh, you're just a nurse."

Caitlin wasn't upset that the other woman was surprised by her profession; she was surprised by the word "just." To Caitlin, this word meant that being a nurse isn't as good as being a member of one of the other noble professions in the medical industry. Rather than show that she was upset, Caitlin replied to this lady in a classy way and posted her response on Facebook.

"Just a Nurse"

Caitlin wrote that she has heard people say that she is "just a nurse" before, but this time, it had an impact. She asked her friends if they thought the same way as the acquaintance.

Caitlin went on to say that she has been at the forefront when babies were being born. They needed help taking their first breaths, and Caitlin was there to help them, but she is "just a nurse." Caitlin was with many patients as they took their last breaths, and she helped them do so with dignity, but she is "just a nurse."

Caitlin comforted parents after their babies passed away, but she is still "just a nurse." Caitlin resuscitated patients after their lives were in danger, but she is "just a nurse."

She went on to describe all of the incredible things she does as "just a nurse" which involves being the person between other medical officers and their patients, and she guides their eyes, ears and hands toward the problems that need to be assessed, treated and managed.

Caitlin posted about her experience on social media and many other health workers felt the same way. That the profession is somehow looked down upon compared to others. is fully capable of saving people's lives. Caitlin ended her post saying, "If I am 'just a nurse', then I am ridiculously proud to be one!"

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