Bulldog Pup Tells Off His Mom As He Tries To Explore

Toddlers crave independence. They want to explore the world and don't want Mama hovering all the time. If they're not in the mood for affection, a toddler will make it known.

It seems that pups are the same way. Or at least Elvis the bulldog is when he feels mama bulldog Patches is being overprotective.

Elvis is a tiny bulldog pup taking some of his first steps into the wider world. Mama Patches, however, is worried about her young adventurous son. Is he taking care of himself?

She comes over and starts sniffing around seeing if the young pup is okay. She is examining him from tail to head, making sure there isn't a hair out of place. When she pats him on the head, Elvis decided he has had enough.

The tiny growls that start coming out of this wee pup are endearing from the beginning. He made it known to Mama that he wants her to leave him alone. He's a fierce bulldog, and he doesn't want his mom hovering so close.

His tantrum goes on for quite a while, getting more and more fierce. Those tiny growls foretell the strong growls of future years. Today, though, his growls are just too adorable.

Let us know what you think of Elvis' fight for independence and his mother's love for him. Don't forget to pass this video along to others – They are going to love it!

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