Man dresses up as mum for driving test

Man dresses up as his 60-year-old mother to sit her driving test
A Brazilian man has been arrested for dressing up as his 60-year-old mother. His plan would’ve worked until this gave him away.

Driving examiners in Brazil copped an unusual surprise this week when a 43-year-old man arrived dressed as his 60-year-old mother.

Heitor Schiave, ever the considerate son, tried to impersonate his mother, Maria Schiave, who had already failed her driving test three times.

The car mechanic from Porto Velho made a convincing case, rocking a floral blouse, blow dried locks and a red lip in a bid to fool the driving instructors.

Donning full make-up with painted red nails, a floral blouse and long flowing skirt and his hair blow-dried into a soft feminine style, the car mechanic looked every inch the part.

Driving instructor Aline Mendonça told the Daily Mail she didn’t notice it was a man dressed as a woman until she sat next to him in the car.

“His disguise didn’t register as unusual at first because I had just finished testing my fifth candidate so was a little distracted,” she said.

“However, when I got into the car and sat down beside who I thought was the provisional driver, I quickly realised this was a man dressed as a woman.”

His awkwardness, large hands and unusually high-pitched voice raised some red flags for the driving instructor, prompting her to double check his ID.

While some commended his efforts — “Not all heroes wear capes,” commented one reader — other seriously questioned his mother’s driving abilities and took comfort in knowing she wouldn’t be allowed on the road.

Mr Schiave reportedly said his mother did not know of the plan.

The man was arrested but later released on bail, facing charges of identity fraud and attempting to deceive a government body.
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