Seth Rogen Responds To People Thinking He Looks Just Like This Dog

People usually aren’t too thrilled when you compare them to a dog, which is kind of weird if you ask me when there’s so many beautiful dogs out there.

I for one would love to have hair as silky as a King Charles Spaniel’s ears, or possess a pair of big, icy blue eyes like a husky.

But I know if I gave someone else a compliment based on their similarities to a certain dog breed, I would most likely get a stern ticking off.

Fortunately actor Seth Rogan was only too happy when fans started to point out his resemblance to an extremely chilled out looking dog.

The dog in question is the one and only Nori Porkchop, an adorable canine internet celebrity renowned for his uncannily human face.

Nori has previously been compared to Chewbacca and Jeff Daniels. And now people cannot unsee the striking similarities between the fluffy boy and the Knocked Up funny man.

And Rogan, 37, could not be more delighted with the comparison, tweeting:

I’ve been tagged by dozens of people saying I look like this dog and I couldn’t be more flattered.

Fans have been left aghast after looking at pics of Rogan and Nori side by side, with one person gasping:

He looks like you more than you look like him…

Another commented:

I hope his bark sounds exactly likes your laugh.

Nori reportedly lives close to Seattle with his Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix brother Boba, and their doting humans Tiffany and Kevin.

Speaking with Seattle Refined in November, proud dog mama Tiffany spoke about Nori’s unusual look:

He’s had an Instagram account for a while, and Kevin responded to a Tweet about this dog who looked like a human.

He tweeted four different pictures of Nori and it took off from there. There have been articles about him all over the world.

[…] It’s really nice knowing Nori brightens someone’s day. People have commented that with the news today it’s been a bright spot seeing the story about Nori and his cute little face. That makes me happy knowing he contributes positivity in this world.

Dog papa Kevin added:

What we get the most comments on are his eyes. People feel like the eyes and smile are what make him have human features. He’s a very smiley dog and his eyes haven’t changed since he was a puppy.

The world needs a buddy comedy starring Rogan and his doggy twin, Nori. And with the pooch already having conquered hearts across the world, breaking into Hollywood should prove easy-peasy.
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