Teen repeatedly raped by own dad

‘Dad raped me repeatedly from age 6 and got me pregnant 3 times’
A teenage girl has revealed how she suffered horrendous sexual abuse at the hands of her father, who got her pregnant. WARNING: Graphic

WARNING: Graphic content

A woman who says her father repeatedly raped her from the age of six wants him prosecuted for killing their unborn child.

Shannon Clifton, now 19, suffered horrendous sexual abuse and beatings at the hands of her paedophile father, who got her pregnant three times.

Shane Clifton is already in jail for raping his daughter when she was aged between 10 and 14.

She gave birth to another child by him when she was just 14 and now wants him to face further prosecution.

Derbyshire Police said they had spoken to Shannon and were making “further inquiries”.

Shannon, who has bravely waived her anonymity, says her father first raped her on their living room floor when she was just six.

Shannon Clifton, now 19, wants her father to be prosecuted for more offences.

It was the start of a horrendous ordeal that lasted for eight years. Clifton beat her over and over, up to four times a day.

When he found Shannon was expecting at 11, he battered her unconscious and she lost the baby.

Shannon believes he may have buried the foetus because a neighbour reported him digging a hole in the garden of their home in Chaddesden, Derby.

“I lost my baby and I almost died myself,” Shannon told the BBC.

“He didn’t want the baby. In his eyes he was lucky he had got rid of it and he could carry on with the life he was living and what he was doing to me.”

She has now urged police to dig up their old garden.


While he could not legally be charged with murder as the baby had not been born, Clifton could potentially be charged with child destruction.

Shannon fell pregnant again when she was 12 and had a miscarriage.

When she became pregnant again at 13, Clifton looked up ways to make her miscarry.

When she was nine months pregnant, a suspicious school nurse asked her to take a pregnancy test.

Shannon, who has waived her anonymity, said twisted Shane Clifton first raped her on their living room floor when she was just six.

Terrified Shannon refused, but her dad worried his vile crimes were about to be unmasked and forced her to join him on the run, sparking a six-day police manhunt.

Two days after they were found, Shannon gave birth to a baby that was both her son and her brother. DNA tests proved Clifton was the father.

She has since had the boy adopted because she wanted him to have a better life.

Clifton, then 32, received a minimum 15 years life sentence for rape at Derby Crown Court in 2015. This was changed to 10 years, as the judge gave him credit for pleading guilty.

He admitted raping his daughter from the ages of 10 to 14.

Shannon said she was terrified at the thought of what her dad could do to her when he is released, and she reasoned he could be caged for longer if he was prosecuted for more offences.

As well as the unborn baby’s death, Shannon wants him to face prosecution for his vicious attacks on her and further rapes she says started when she was six.

Clifton pleaded guilty to raping his daughter from the ages of 10 to 14.

“My dad had tried pretty much murdering me a number of times,” she said.

“What’s going to stop him from hurting me again and this time maybe doing worse than what he did before?”

He has already had convictions for violence, including being jailed for more than two years for attacking a woman.

He dragged his victim to the ground by her hair, kicked her repeatedly in the head and then stamped on her head while she was unconscious. He attacked her again after being released.

Derbyshire Police said in a statement: “Specialist officers from the force’s public protection team have spoken with Miss Clifton and further inquiries are now taking place.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun

Where to find help

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual abuse or family violence contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732

Don't go it alone. Please reach out for help by contacting Lifeline on 13 11 14

Men who have anger, relationship or parenting issues, should contact the Men's Referral Service on 1300 766 491

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