Thomas Markle Confirms He Will Serve As Witness Against Meghan In Court - Says “I Wish It Didn’t Come To This”

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle, 75, recently confirmed he will give evidence against Meghan in her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, should the case go to court.

Thomas Markle tells the Sun he is ready to give evidence against his own daughter in a lawsuit Meghan launched against the Mail on Sunday back in October.

“I wish it hadn’t come to this, but I will certainly testify against the things that have been said about me. The lies,” the 75-year-old said.

“When me and Meghan end up in a courtroom together, it will be quite stunning for everybody.”

Markle, who is a retired lighting director, told the publication that should the case go to court, “everything will come out.”

“It will be emotional,” Markle admitted. “I don’t know how we will both accept it.”

“It would be the worst place to have to meet her and Harry,” he added.

Last October, the Duchess of Sussex launched legal action against UK based media Associated Newspapers, citing the “misuse of private information, infringement of copyright and breach of the Data Protection Act 2018” as their claims against the publishers.

The Mail on Sunday, which is part of Associated Newspapers, is accused of releasing a private letter written by Meghan Markle to her father, Thomas Markle last year. The publication is countering the accusation by claiming there is a “huge and legitimate” interest in the personal lives of the Royal family.

Markle is now reportedly standing as a witness for the publication should the lawsuit see its day in court.

“I don’t like doing this to her,” Markle said. “But I also don’t like what she has been doing to me.”

“Everything has to come out when you go to court,” he cautioned. “That means all her phone records, as well as mine. And I don’t think she wants that to happen.”

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