Woman Arrested After Faking Cancer, She Scammed People Out Of $55,000

You probably feel great when you donate to those in need because it just feels good to help people. But how would you feel if the money you gave to help others instead went to a scammer?

Some people seem to like to ruin everything, people like the 27-year-old woman from Queensland, Australia who convinced many people to donate money for her alleged illness. The Daily Mail reported on Lucy Wieland's story, where she created a fundraising page asking for donations for her 'terminal cancer.'

Lucy used her Instagram account to direct her followers to her GoFundMe page, both pages which have since been taken down. She reportedly posted about her day-to-day hardships and directed people to donate to ovarian cancer support groups.

Lucy went as far as to claim she needed a walking stick because of the pain.

Many good people felt sympathetic to Lucy's plight and decided to help her out. Their combined donations amounted to $55,000 Australian dollars ($39,000 US dollars). Thankfully, not everyone bought Lucy's story. Someone reported her. After a month of investigation, she was arrested for fraudulently raising money, reported the BBC.

According to Australia's ABC News, Detective Inspector Chris Lawson said:

"Some people in the community identified some problems with the story and we conducted investigations to establish the veracity of the claims made by this woman."

“It’s disheartening, I mean the real victims here are the people from the community that has heard the stories, have tried to assist as best they can and in some cases, what little they have and given the money across in the honest belief they are trying to help people."

After Lucy appeared at the Townsville Magistrates Court, she was granted bail. Magistrate Steven Mosh recognized the situation as extraordinary. He believes that her lack of criminal history means she poses very little risk to the community. She's scheduled to go back to court in December.

Watch more in the video below:

Do you think Lucy deserves to spend some time in prison? Ask your friends what punishment they think she deserves and let us know the verdict!

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