Younger Brother Pulls Focus As Sisters Rehearse In The Lounge Room

Having a brother or sister can be quite annoying at times, as two sisters were about to realize here. While practicing their cheerleading routine, and being videoed by their mother so they could appraise themselves afterward, the two were unknowingly dance bombed by their younger brother.

A sibling isn’t always a bad thing to have. You can talk to them about school and your parents. They can usually make you laugh when you are feeling down.

When these two young girls wanted to film their dance routine for the camera, they had no idea that their little brother would upstage them.

He offered to press play to start their music but they had no clue he had a hidden agenda! As they cheered and danced for the camera, they didn’t see what was going on behind them!

The mother watched as her daughters stood still while she hit the record button on her phone. Her son was in the corner of the room by the speaker, ready to press the play button to start the music.

But that isn’t all that he did!

As the music starts, little brother decides he needs to show off his own routine. As the girls cheer and dance, they have no idea that their mischievous little brother is stealing the spotlight with his own crazy dance moves!

As the girls smile and dance for the camera their little bro flails and jumps behind them. He smacks his behind when the chorus “I can make your hands clap” plays. The two sisters don’t notice but you can be sure they will have something to say when they review the video!

You’ll love the turn this routine took when you watch it. Hopefully mom didn’t have to referee too much yelling afterwards! Are you ready to watch this hilarious video?

Check it out for yourself!

Did you love this video as much as we did? Did you have brothers or sisters who would always upstage you? Make sure you show this hilarious video to your friends!

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