5 Young Guys Repeatedly Interrupt Elderly Veteran’s Meal — Finally Making Him Break Into Tears

When someone describes a hero, they might include things like a colorful costume and flowing cape. The fact is that one doesn’t have to look to Superman or any of his comic counterparts to see the face of a true hero.

The members of the United States military are heroes by every definition of the word. These brave men and women serve valiantly every day, sacrificing their safety and the joys of a normal life to make sure that our nation can prosper and that we can enjoy the safety that comes with living in a free country.

As such, veterans of the service deserve every honor and respect that we can bestow on them. A group of Marines in Illinois recently got a chance to show their appreciation for a Vietnam War veteran.

Lou Zezoff of Granite City, Illinois was enjoying a dinner with his wife at a local Cracker Barrel when a Marine stopped by their table. Grasping Lou’s hand, the Marine thanked the Vietnam veteran for his sacrifice in the war.

While grateful for the Marine’s respect, Lou was a little surprised at the attention. Soon after, three more Marines stopped by Lou’s table, all thanking him for his service.

As Lou and his wife finished dinner, he asked the waiter for the check. Lou knew that something was amiss when the waiter flashed a wide grin and said, “This is your lucky day.” The waiter revealed that the Marines had paid for Lou’s dinner.

Grateful for the act, Lou went to the Marines’ table. Embracing one of them, Lou told the group that they didn’t have to pay for his dinner and that the act of kindness from before was more than enough. The Marines were emphatic, however, insisting on paying for Lou’s meal to show their gratitude.

As the Zezoffs were preparing to leave, the Marines had one final surprise for the veteran. Lining up in front of his table, each Marine shook Lou’s hand, embraced him, and thanked him for his service.

Lou was nearly brought to tears by the show of respect, later telling reporters that the whole restaurant watched in silent awe of the Marines’ actions.

Source: apost.com

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