Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground - Video

Punks are not deaad. And this cockatoo is living proof of it. Recently, Isaac Sherring-Tito was walking down a street in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, and saw something spiky falling from above. When he looked up, Isaac found a white cockatoo tearing up anti-bird spikes so it could walk along freely.

Immediately, Isaac started recording the smart bird who was making its way along the ledge, picking up and dropping each section of the contraption. The clever white parrot can be seen using its beak and feet in a very conscious act of rebellion.

Isaac Sherring-Tito from Australia spotted it on a building in Katoomba, destroying a spiky anti-bird setup

As you might’ve guessed, wild cockatoos are native not only to Indonesia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and the Solomon Islands but Australia as well. These adorable animals live up to 60 years, depending upon the species (there are 21 of them). The oldest cockatoo in captivity was a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo named Cookie which lived at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and lived to be 83 years old (1933–2016).

Like all parrots, these Australian birds are zygodactyl (they have two toes pointing forward and two backward). This, complemented with the use of their beak, gives cockatoos the ability to use their feet like we use our hands and makes them terrific climbers. Or destroyers.

Watch the bird in action below

Turns out, this particular cockatoo is kind of a local celebrity

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