Cop Calls This Guy To Inform Him That His Husky Is Sitting On The Roof Of His House, Provides Hilarious Evidence

Remember the two puppers who set out to investigate the woof of their house? Well, it looks like word of their adventure is spreading. Earlier this month, one very good girl decided to do the same.

Cheryl Ramsay from Prince Edward Island, Canada, was cleaning the house and left the bedroom window open to let in some of that beautiful fresh air.

The woman went on with her day and forgot about this little detail. However, Cheryl and her family were reminded of it when the police phoned her husband to inform him that a Husky is chilling on their roof.

“Her name is Nala and she is 17 months old,” Cheryl introduced her family’s dog to Bored Panda. “She is loving and very smart. I would describe her personality as playful, jealous, needy… She does not like being left alone. She is like a person and a goldfish, one second she wants out, then in, out, and in.”

Just before receiving the unexpected call, Cheryl was at the gas station and her husband Paul was running an errand for work. “He could not believe the police officer when he was being told about the situation,” she said.

But the man did get to see it with his own eyes. “Right before Paul got home, there was the police officer and some bystanders standing around and Nala just jumped back into the window.”

Even though Siberian huskies are friendly and intelligent, these northern dogs are somewhat independent and stubborn. According to Michele Weltonover, a dog breed advisor of 35 years, they’re really athletic, agile, and light on their feet. Combine these characteristics with the love Huskies have for the great outdoors and such a stunt — as surprising as it is — definitely feels like something they could think of.

Nala already has the reputation of a little escape artist. “She chewed 7 retractable leashes and 3 seatbelts in our vehicles,” Cheryl added. “She knows what she wants and she finds a way to get it.” I wonder what tricks she’s planning now!

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Source: Boredpanda

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