First Lady Melania Trump Receives 'Woman of Distinction' Award And People Are Outraged

"Be Best can mean performing a simple act of kindness, providing care for someone in need, or teaching a life-enriching lesson," Trump said of her program launched two years ago.

First lady Melania Trump was honored by a Florida Christian college on Wednesday at a luncheon held at The Breakers, a local luxury resort. The Palm Beach Atlantic University bestowed their Palm Beach society award on the FLOTUS as she joins a list of women who have been honored over the last 28 years. Called the 'Woman of Distinction' award, it is given by the small Christian college in West Palm Beach, Florida to women with ties to the community and local charities, reports the Washington Post.

Trump addressed the 550 attendees at the luncheon on her anti-cyberb*ullying and anti-d*rug a*buse initiative through her 'Be Best' program, which has, in her own words "been shining a light on programs across the country and overseas that help our youth understand what it means to Be Best."

"Be Best can mean performing a simple act of kindness, providing care for someone in need, or teaching a life-enriching lesson," Trump said of her program launched two years ago. Wearing a white dress and standing in front of a two-story American flag, she said, "It is my hope that by promoting Be Best values, we will give a voice to the concerns and struggles of our children, and help them overcome the challenges they face."

"First ladies define the history of our country," said event co-chair Frances Fisher in a statement in January, as reported by CNN, when the announcement was made that Trump would receive the award. "We are honored to recognize Mrs. Trump as a Woman of Distinction and the only first lady since Mrs. Kennedy to be a Palm Beach resident.". William Fleming, the President of Palm Beach Atlantic noted that the 2,500-student university paid homage to the current first lady for her compassion and kindness and called her a worldwide role model.

The first lady remarked how the United States has experienced its first significant drop in o*pioid d*eaths in three decades last year as she credited President Donald Trump's programs for the same. "O*pioids have affected the lives of more than 2 million children in the United States," Trump said, including the children of addicts. "I've seen firsthand how o*pioid a*buse affects families who struggle with addiction. I have traveled to children's hospitals and treatment facilities who support those affected by o*pioids."

According to Fox Business, the Palm Beach Atlantic University, which is situated about three miles north of the Trumps' Mar-a-Lago resort and residence said that their annual "Women of Distinction" honors those "who cherish community and family and want to preserve these ideals for others." Previous winners of the award include Barbara Nicklaus, wife of golf legend Jack Nicklaus; Candy Carson, wife of Housing Secretary Ben Carson; fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer; and Helen DeVos, whose spouse Rich co-founded Amway.

However, social media netizens felt that she did not deserve the award. Paul van der Meer said: Doesn't surprise anyone. If you can buy a pardon for a c*riminal you can buy an award for a c*riminal. Another stated: No normal institution would ever award racist birther trash anything. How much was Palm Beach Atlantic University bribed to give Melania that award?

There were several university students in attendance at the event, who were seated among the other guests who had paid to attend the luncheon. Trump addressed these students, in particular, saying that "I especially want to recognize the scholarship recipients and students who join us here today -- you and your classmates have spent over three million hours serving people across this state." The first lady also recognized her parents who were present for the event. "I'd like to thank two special guests who are joining me here today -- my mother and father. Thank you both for your support and love throughout my life. I will always be grateful for all that you have done for our family over the years," she said.

Be Best is a platform that was launched two years ago by the first lady to help children across three different aspects: well being, online safety, and o*pioid a*buse. "Raising emotionally healthy children starts with teaching them how to make responsible decisions," said the first lady, who spoke for several minutes after a brief video was played for luncheon guests. "It is our job as adults to pass along wisdom and build children's confidence, so they have the best opportunity to succeed in life."

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