Girl Snaps Photo Of Receipt But Mom Notices Diner Secretly Charged Her For Being A Teen

Melissa Desch is a resident of Wayne, New Jersey and has frequented a local diner in her town for many years.

She always noticed the message at the bottom of her receipt from the diner that read 'gratuities are appreciated.'

Desch is upset now with the diner and says the business is making it mandatory for children and teens to pay tips when they frequent the establishment. Melissa's daughter, Bella, is eleven years old. Recently, Bella went to the diner to enjoy a milkshake with her friends. The eleven-year-old sent a photo of her receipt to her mother.

According to CBS, Melissa noticed immediately a gratuity fee had been added to her daughter's bill. What troubled Melissa about the added fee is that she was at the same diner on the same day and no such fee was added to her receipt. The gratuity fee did, however, show up on the receipts of all Bella's friends.

Melissa says that her daughter Bella most times leaves a cash tip when eating at the diner. In effect, Bella was leaving two tips. Melissa says the 'teen tax' established by the diner is unfair and the children are not being given a choice in the matter.

An attorney for the diner says that kids often enter the diner in large groups. The attorney says the kids sometimes sit for more than an hour without purchasing more than one or two items.

The lawyer also claims most times the kids do not tip. For this reason, the lawyer says the diner adds the gratuity charges. They also explained wait staff at the restaurant would suffer from the time the teens spend in the restaurant if the gratuity was not charged.

The attorney's words were not enough to justify the charges for Melissa. She expressed her feeling that the teens should be subject to the same charges as all other customers of the diner. Melissa is so serious about what she sees as an injustice to the young people she says she will not patronize the diner again.

What do you think about the added charges for teens eating at the diner? Do you agree with Melissa's feelings regarding the 'tax' against the teens? Pass this story to the people you consider friends. It will serve as a great reminder to always check their receipts.


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