Hipster Dog Nicknamed Chewbacca Has Fully-Grown Beard Of Dreams

Meet Nuts: the well-groomed pooch with better locks on his chops than I’ll ever have.

Facial hair is my weakness: as my pals grow great big bushy beards, I’m lumped with a recurring four-day shadow.

So, you can imagine my embitterment at seeing this cute dog’s insane beard – it’s no wonder he’s been nicknamed Chewbacca by his loyal fans online.

Despite his luscious beard draping down from his face, the Belgian Griffon’s owner Tatiana Kovalenok, from Moscow, said the look doesn’t require any ‘special treatment’.

Nuts’ full-grown beard first ‘became noticeable at eight months’.

Now three years old, Tatiana said she ‘never actually paid attention to it until I started receiving comments from my followers on Instagram’.

Nuts’ owner told The Dodo:

Almost every day when we walk, we get reactions from random people regarding his appearance and his beard. Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa’. Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like: ‘Look at the beard he has.’ Some people call him hipster or even Chewbacca.

You can follow the adventures of Nuts on his Instagram account, where his followers obviously love every new update of the bearded dog’s life.

Tatiana added:

I never actually paid attention to his beard. I would even ask my groomer to make his beard it a little shorter because he looked too old to me. One day I decided not to touch the beard and posted the photo after grooming to Instagram and I started to receive a lot of comments from my followers about the beard being so big.

We don’t do any special treatment for the beard, we just wash it when Nuts takes a shower. It grows by itself and the hair is so smooth we don’t even have to comb it and it never tangled. Many people say that Nuts is very trendy as it’s very popular nowadays for men to wear thick beards.

Belgian Griffons, similar to the Brussels Griffons, are commonly associated with having more fur on their faces compared to the rest of their bodies.

Nuts may look a bit gruff, but Tatiana said he’s a kind, clingy dog. ‘He is kind, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t even bite. He is an overly attached dog, that’s his main trait. He always has to be near me. If I watch a movie he just has to jump on my lap, he follows me everywhere,’ she said.


Source: unilad.co.uk

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