Instead Of A Veil, Bride Wears 2-Year-Old Daughter Down Aisle And Breastfeeds While Exchanging Vows

When it came time to plan her wedding, bride-to-be Dalton Mort knew that she wanted her two-year-old daughter, Ellora, as part of the ceremony. Dalton had given birth to Ellora at age 19 and the little girl was by her and her future husband’s side for all the major milestones in their lives.

Whether it be moving to their first home or going on her honeymoon, Ellora was always close beside Dalton.

In planning her wedding, Dalton wanted to do something special for the now two-year-old Ellora. While most two-year-old girls serve as flower girls at weddings, Dalton wanted something less traditional for her wedding. Dalton decided that she would carry Ellora on her back as she walked to the altar. The concept, known as babywearing, has become more and more prominent among brides today. The bride also chose to ditch the traditional veil as well.

Speaking with reporters from Inside Edition, Dalton said that wearing Ellora on her back felt natural for her. As a busy mom, Dalton spends most of the day carrying Ellora anyway, and wearing her little girl on her back enabled Dalton to seamlessly include her in the day’s festivities.

When the big day came, the blushing bride wore Ellora in a carrier. Dalton later joked that little Ellora fell asleep about 20 minutes into the ceremony. In a touching moment, Dalton was nursing Ellora as she said her vows.

Dalton and Ellora’s story quickly gained attention on the internet, particularly due to photographs taken by Laura Schaefer of Fire and Gold Photography in Steubenville, Ohio. In addition to gaining widespread support from fellow moms, internet users can’t help but smile at how beautiful Dalton and Ellora look together. In one cute photo, little Ellora can be seen playfully pulling on her mom’s hair.

Dalton herself is astounded by how well the photos came out and is looking forward to showing them to Ellora when she gets older. Dalton told Inside Edition that seeing the photos will help Ellora know how important she is to her and what an incredible part she played at her wedding.

What do you think of Dalton’s choice to wear Ellora on her wedding day?


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