Karma The Elephant Gets Her First Experience Of Freedom After 46 Years Of Captivity - Video

Elephants are among the most intelligent and empathetic animals in the world. The large pachyderms can recognize human languages and use tools. Most importantly, elephants form deep emotional bonds with their family and children.

While most people respect the dignity and purity of elephants, there are still some who exploit these beautiful and wise animals for their own purposes.

It is with immense gratitude that such forms of exploitation are becoming less and less common, as evidenced by the opening of more and more elephant rescue centers and the closing of traveling circuses. In one case from India, a special needs elephant was given a new lease on life after living a very harsh existence for the last four decades.

46-year-old Karma the elephant has been a captive all her life. The magnificent creature was used by her owners as a prop as they begged for money. Even worse, Karma was forced to carry heavy loads through the streets of India at the cruel prodding of her captors.

The situation was made all the more difficult for Karma as she is blind, making any interaction in the streets incredibly fearful for her. The aging pachyderm uses her trunk to guide her feet to where she needs to go, both through smell and by feeling the ground beneath her.

In December of last year, Karma was rescued from her terrible situation by a group called Wildlife SOS, reports Yahoo! News. The rescue group gave Karma the treat of a lifetime when they brought her to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, an animal sanctuary in northern India.

In an inspiring video, the Centre shows Karma’s first steps of her new life. Stepping out of a truck, Karma feels the earth beneath her with her trunk as the kind hands of two rescue workers gingerly guide her along to her new home.

In a follow-up video, the center shows Karma as she appears today. In the short clip, Karma is seen loving her new environment as she confidently strolls around the sanctuary’s peaceful grassy plains, far happier than she was a few brief months before.

What do you think of Karma the elephant’s story?

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