Mom shares 14-year-old son's reaction to J-Lo's Super Bowl performance

So this past Sunday marked the 54th annual Super Bowl, with the Kansas City Chiefs securing a victory.

But as much as the Super Bowl is about celebrating athletic achievement, it's also about providing other non-sport-related forms of entertainment for the estimated 100 million Americans up and down the country who watch the game.

In fact, the halftime show is often the most talk-about highlight of the Super Bowl.

This year, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez put on an outstanding show involving poles and incredible dance moves.

Needless to say, this didn't escape the notice of parents all over the country - and one particular mom revealed her hilarious reaction to watching the performance with her teenage son.

Posting an image of her son's reaction to the suggestive performance on the That's Inappropriate Facebook page, Meridith Masony wrote:

"The #superbowlhalftimeshow was amazing. However... watching it with my 14 yr old son was interesting. Those ladies owned every inch of the stage, but I wanted to hide when JLO slide across the stage and her bedazzled Va-Jay was at the top of my 55 inch HDTV. Then came the pole. In all seriousness, these women were fantastic. Anyone else watch the show with a pubescent boy???"

The post, which now has 77k reactions and 12k comments, went viral, with many parents echoing Meredith's discomfort.

One wrote: "My 5 year old said I hope she doesn't get more naked. Both him and his friend hasn't watched any of the game but the half time show comes on and this..."

Another said: "My friends 3 year old son kept saying, “Oooh, I like her dress!” My friend was all, “I’m sure you do buddy!”

A third agreed: "Yes! I was torn between enjoying it and thinking they were amazing, and inwardly cringing about the 11 and 13 yr old boys behind me"

Yet another commenter said: "My 6 year old watched and said whoa mama she is Beautiful. As JLO is on the Pole. Then she says i wanna do that when i get older..."

Check out Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emmé's amazing performance at the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show: WATCH HERE


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