“Please Stop Judging Me For Leaving The Office At Exactly 5 P.M.” Working Mom’s Emotional Confession Goes Viral

In 2016, mothers spent about 25 hours a week on paid work. That’s more than ever before. However, Jamie Johnson, a proud mom of two beautiful boys, is working even longer hours. And while she manages to balance her work and family life, it does require a huge amount of energy.

To explain how she does it, Jamie recently shared an honest text on her parenting blog, Hashtag MomFail. But it resonated not only with parents. The sincere words prove that with a lot of commitment, one can tackle even the biggest challenges, and everyone appreciates a true fighter!

“I had a career before I was married and had kids,” Jamie told Bored Panda. “I had my first little boy at 29. It was never a question of whether I would work or not. I love to work and I knew I could do both. Plus, my family needed the money. My husband is a special education teacher that coaches high school baseball. We could not live on just his salary, even with two masters degrees.”

The mom is very happy that none of her employers have had an issue with her working full time and having a family. “They all have kids as well and are in the same boat. They are more than understanding. I think a lot of it is also because I work hard when I am at work and put in the late nights when I need to. I don’t slack and I get my work done. And I do it well. It might be a different story if I wasn’t productive.”

From time to time, things do get tough. But Jamie’s family always helps her to persevere. “I am incredibly lucky to live in mine and my husband’s hometown. We have my mom and my husband’s mom and dad to help us when we need it. There is no way we could do it without them!”

The strong woman believes that working moms are just as valuable as their single colleagues. “Just because you have children at home doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at what you do,” she said. “I work from home when I have to so I get the job done. Just because I dip out sometimes to go to my kid’s preschool graduation doesn’t mean I’m taking the day off to chill. Those workers without children have commitments as well. If anything, having children has just taught me how to multitask better.”

Jamie also wanted to add that she knows how lucky she is to have good managers and bosses that are flexible with her.

“I have heard from far too many women that have gotten fired for taking off because their kids are sick or told they are disposable. I know, in the end, business is all about the bottom line. You have to make more than you spend. But being flexible with a good employee is also great for the bottom line. I wish more companies and businesses in the United States understood this. And paid parental leave would be nice, too!”

Other working moms couldn’t agree with Jamie more

Source: Boredpanda.com

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