Puppy Keeps Escaping Her Kennel, So Owner Installs Hidden Camera And Captures Funny Footage

Many dog parents keep their fur babies protected in a crate or kennel when they cannot keep an eye on them. Little pups tend to get into everything, so kenneling them is as much for their own protection as it is for the protection of the home’s contents. When one puppy kept escaping from her kennel, her mom was perplexed and worried.

The dog’s owner had to find out how the puppy was getting out so that she could protect her in the future. Since she could not figure out how the puppy was getting out on her own, she decided to set up a hidden camera to record the scene. The owner pointed the camera directly at the fluffy Maltese puppy, covered the kennel with a towel and left the house for a short period of time. When she returned, the puppy was freed from the kennel as she had expected.

The puppy’s owner was eager to watch the video and learn the truth about how her Maltese was escaping the kennel, and she was floored by what she saw. Another dog lived in the home as well. This dog, an intelligent German Shepherd, was housetrained and old enough that he would not get into trouble when left alone. That's why he was free to roam around the house when the owner left.

The video showed the German Shepherd approaching the kennel door almost immediately after the owner leaves the house. He immediately pulls the towel covering the kennel off, and he begins tinkering with the kennel’s latch. It does not take long for the kennel door to spring open and the Maltese puppy to jolt out. It is likely that the German Shepherd wanted to play with his little friend while the owner was away.

Source: apost.com

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