Toddler Has Most Adorable Reaction When Dad Gives Him First Experience Of Being In The Rain

When this doting dad takes his toddler Harper out onto their driveway in the rain, letting him experience it for the first time, it's heart-warming to watch.

The video, first uploaded in 2015 has made viewers all over the world smile along with father and son.

Most people do not remember their first steps or the first time that they tried an ice cream cone. However, it is all those little moments that can make the biggest impact in your life when taken as a whole.

This is why parents revel in the chance to watch their children experience these moments as they watch the joy through their eyes. Watching children enjoy connecting with nature is a true privilege.

In this particular video, a father is introducing his son to the beauty of rain. As the rain begins to pick up, the boy is clearly delighted with the downpour. The dad then pulls the ultimate surprise when he takes the toddler outside to feel the rain for himself.

There is nothing better than a warm summer rain on your skin. How lucky for this boy to have a dad willing to let him experience it.This adorable video clip proves that kids don't necessaily need expensive trips and experiences to appreciate life.

You can show your love to your children by helping them to enjoy the little things in life. After you have watched this video, be sure to spread the message of embracing life's small moments to all of your friends and family.

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